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My biggest fears were needles and swimming.  I was terrified of anything to do with needles.  Also when putting my head under water when swimming, I would feel like freezing with fear.  This made swimming lessons and school events difficult and distressing.  After some quick clearings with Leanne, needles don’t bother me at all anymore.  I now love to swim and putting my head under water is as comfortable as having my head above water.  Not having these fears has made my life easier. Thanks.  Lauren,  Qld


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Leanne has really helped me in unexpected ways.  I had a problem with my shoulders and went to the doctor who injected cortisone.  He told me to wait for some period of time before playing golf again.  I waited and waited with no improvement and went back to the doctor who told me that it wasn’t going to work, so I rang Leanne.  One week after she fixed me, I was back playing golf and winning.  When talking to her about my shoulder, Leanne asked how painful my coccyx was.  It was very painful but I didn’t think of telling her as golf was more important.  She knew of my other major problem without being told.  Leanne also did a clearing on our other house.  No one wanted to go in there and renting it out was not going to happen.  She fixed the problem and now it’s a good place to be.  I don’t know what Leanne does, or how she does it, but I do know without a shadow of a doubt that it works, and works extremely well.  Steve


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I have been seeing and taking my girls (Asha 16 and Zaley 9) to see Leanne since 2013. Leanne is such a beautiful person, she is kind, generous, and a little bit magic!!! She has helped both my daughters with various problems from teenage issues with my oldest (who doesn’t like to talk about stuff!!!) to my youngest who has Asperger’s.  My youngest is a sweet beautiful kind little girl but ……. When she is not balanced she is ……. I have to say …… Horrid !!!!!! – grumpy and unhappy and very sad – nothing will please her. When this happens – (it usually comes on slowly) – I know it’s time for a Leanne visit.  Zaley responds so well to Leanne’s gentle touch, she lets Zaley play with toys while she works on her.  When she is finished I get the most beautiful hug and smile from my beautiful little girl – and I say yah !!!! she back to normal.  I would not cope without Leanne’s help – it really gets you down at times.  Leanne has help guide me with so many different issues from health to advice, to healing anything from past hurt or present hurt – emotional or physical. She helped me when I lost my beautiful dad and even helping guide me with losing the confidence to ride horses – which I love. (She even helped guide me when I was looking for my new beautiful horse – he is awesome I must say !!! but took a little while to find) What Leanne has is a gift and she generously uses it to help people.   I can’t stress how much she has helped my family, I would recommend her to anyone.                               Louise Higgins Texas


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I was blessed to come across Leanne over a year ago and since then I have lost count of the many amazing sessions we have had, sometimes to move through points of personal crisis and other times for the simple and pure joy of expansion. I knew after our very first session that I had come across not only a gifted intuitive healer but also a wise and humble teacher. After years of working with almost every healing modality within my reach I had once again reached a place where I was asking for a higher and more progressive style of healing, I had so many questions and I was trying so hard to figure out my life path and stay on it that I was exhausting myself, thankfully through a twist of events I met Leanne. From the very first session I fell in love with Leanne’s unique therapeutic style, it felt like a culmination of all my favourite healing modalities rolled into one. Every session has always been perfectly tailored to suit my needs in the here and now. I come away from each session experiencing more lightness of being, emotional balance and enhanced intuitive capacity and when I am ready I receive a new tool and technique to play with to maintain this new awareness and expand it further. This ensures that each session is always a unique adventure of personal growth and I continue to blossom beyond what I thought was possible. Leanne has been a bridge of light to help me shift from trying so hard to make things happen, to trusting my intuitive knowing, comfortably melting into my sacred heart space where I am unlimited creative potential, there is infinite time for all things, a simple answer to every question and an awesome tool for every situation. The personal growth and expansion I have experienced in the past year of our work might once have been worked through over lifetimes... Through our sessions I have learned the practised art of grounding my soul light into my body and allowing the wisdom I had been trying so hard to squeeze out of myself to naturally surface with ease and grace. I continue to explore and playfully hone these skills with Leanne’s support. In a nutshell, meeting this wonderful lady was a pinnacle moment that changed my life and I am forever grateful.  Many thanks, love and divine blessings,            Megan K Riley   WA.


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I’d had sore back problems for several years, including upper back, neck and tailbone areas.  For two nights, I listened to Leanne’s healing MP3 for the spine.  I felt a bit sore for a couple of days and my back has since felt fully aligned and I can move without any pain.  S.O.


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I have been consulting Leanne O’Keefe for quite a number of years now on many issues relating to family and myself.  I regard Leanne as being genuinely competent in her work as psychic, medium and also in house clearings.  In all this time, my dealings with Leanne have been, to put it mildly, overwhelmingly positive and accurate in outcome.  Leanne has been instrumental in sorting out some rather bad energy in our house.  She’s passed on messages that were an exact repeat of words my passed-over family members used to say to me when they were alive.  I highly recommend Leanne to anyone and everyone.  H.D.  Qld


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Several years ago, I became a client of Leanne’s and found her work to be impeccable. I’ve chosen to see her on a regular basis because her depth of knowledge, experience and psychic ability are extraordinary and continue to be very helpful to my spiritual journey. She has also facilitated physical healing when asked. Leanne channels from the place of highest love and with the purest intention. In particular Leanne assists with energetic clearing of actual places, including houses, land and artifacts as well as situations and relationships.   Rosie P.


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I am writing this testimonial because my life has been so dramatically changed by what Leanne has done for me.  Don't ask me to explain how it works I just know that it does.  Only I notice the difference from within me, how I feel.  Also the closest person to me at the time I started to receive treatments who is my mum has seen incredible changes.  The main reason is that Leanne has the ability to work on issues to do with people and how they were making me feel.  This was making me unhealthy, incredibly upset, angry and anxious.   I mostly felt unworthiness.  The treatments helped me to recognise the problems, Leanne helps move this harmful energy whilst training you to change these feelings, hang ups or blockages and they slowly disappear.  At least they did with my issues.  I no longer feel any of the things I did before.  I feel little or no stress, anxiety or the effects of people's comments or disappointments.  If an issue comes up I now have protection and it feels like it rolls off my back.  My mental and physical health are the best they have ever been and I have really healthy relationships.  Thank you so very much Leanne



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